May 31, 2013

Highlands Street Festival Feature: Artist Jayne Lyone

This year we have invited interesting new artists and artisans that we feature in our boutique to join us at The Highlands Street Festival, providing an opportunity for people to meet them and discuss their talents and wares.

On Tuesday, we wrote about up-and-coming local artist Larissa Russell, whose artwork will be available at Apple Box Boutique during and after the Festival.

Today we would like to introduce our latest artist, Jayne Lyone of A Pane in the Glass.  Her passion for art and love of heritage windows have come together to create incredibly unique works of art.

Her refurbished windows are hand-crafted into beautiful mirrors, window art and shadow box tables in a variety of styles from modern to rustic, to shabby chic and seaside soft.

Stop in at the boutique during the festival to meet Jayne and purchase her one-of-a-kind work, but don't wait too long... the staff have been eyeing up her pieces in anticipation!
Apple Box Boutique
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May 30, 2013

Tonight: Highlands Farmer's Market & We're Open Late!

  • Baked Goods
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Eggs & Honey
  • Fresh Meats
  • Fresh Spices
  • Coffees & Teas
  • Sweets & Desserts
  • Face Painting
  • Local Music & Art
  • Soaps & Lotions
  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Local Shops
  • Fine Dining
  • Community Info
Apple Box Boutique is open tonight until 9:00 PM.

Stop in to see our newly arrived home decor items, and then stroll across the street to all the fresh and fabulous goods at the Highlands Outdoor Farmer's Market.

Also on the Ave:  Sabrina Butterfly Designs (check out all her latest fashions!), Mandolin Books and Coffee Co. for beverages, snacks and books, and Creole Envie, the new kid on the block offering up yummy eats and a fully vegan kitchen, New Orlean's Style!

We're looking forward to seeing you tonight!

Apple Box Boutique
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May 28, 2013

Highlands Street Festival Feature: Artist Larissa Russell

Recently we announced that the boutique is offering original artwork by up-and-coming local artist Larissa Russell.  Lovely and unassuming, we think she may be the only one in her circle of friends and associates that is surprised at the attention surrounding her and her talent.  We are so pleased to be a stone on her path to success.

Larissa will be in attendance at the Highlands Street Festival this Sunday to show and chat about her work.  Original abstracts, prints, mini watercolours and watercolour cards will be available for sale at Larissa's tent and at Apple Box Boutique during the festival.

Creative, earthy and engaging, we encourage you to stop in and meet Larissa... then, like us, you can say "you knew her when".
Apple Box Boutique
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May 27, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Annie Sloan Paints Chair Fabric on Hallmark TV (video)

It's Reimagined Monday and today we have an extra-special Part Two for you!

Some folks think it may be 'too good to be true' when we start talking excitedly about painting, stencilling and dying fabric, upholstery and leather with  Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan -- 'cause really, what other product can you paint everything else with and do this too?

So to give you a bit of a peek into the how-tos, here is Annie Sloan using her paint on linen chairs during a second recent interview on Hallmark's Home and Family show. They loved her so much, they invited her back after her previous interview!

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

While you're watching, we'll likely be off dying some fabric with Chalk Paint™.  For details on this super-easy technique, check out Annie's book, "Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More", now available at the boutique.

P.S.  Don't forget that this weekend is the Highlands Street Festival (Sunday, June 2nd).  This year we have over 100 vendors, musicians, activities and fabulous foodstuffs in the shops and on the streets in Highlands.  Watch our blog starting tomorrow for what Apple Box Boutique has in-store for you!

Apple Box Boutique

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May 23, 2013

Project Personality: Let's Catch Up (SO much to tell)!

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Hello, and welcome to Project Personality -- It's time to catch up, don't you think?

I may lose everyone here, but I am going to go ahead and risk it... yup, because "risk" is my middle name!  Well, not really... Leanne is my middle name but we'll save that wacky story for another day :)

"Why might I lose you?", you ask!  Because once you read the following words you may very well be out the door and on the way to the boutique (or at least running around frantically looking for your car keys like I do) but there is more great news after this so I hope you'll hang around a minute.  

Are you ready?  Here goes...

We Are Restocked with Chalk Paint

We have shelf-loads of quarts, samples, brushes, books, aprons and anything you could possibly need to get going on your weekend and summer projects!  Just think... all it will take is opening a can.  No priming, no sanding, no worrying about the surface of virtually any object. Easy peasy!

But that's not all!  I did promise more great news...

We were double-shipped a paint order and are guaranteed not to run out of Scandinavian Pink as we near the end of May.  With this being our Colour of the Month, more Chalk Paint™ enthusiasts have given it a try and it has become immensely popular.  Now you can get your hands on some while the price is as low as we go.

If you like this:

I've always said you can hear the angels sing after the second coat of Chalk Paint™
or this:

Scandinavian Pink, Graphite and Old White Chalk Paint™... Oooo-la-la!
or this:
Gratuitous inclusion 'cause I love Flamingos
then you'll LOVE this:

Now, on to more info (does the arrow give that away?)
A while back we introduced "Something Old Something New" (SOSN), a special feature where we post an item that we have been hoarding for one reason or another, but that we need to let go of.  The best part is that we let go of it for way less than it is or may be priced at.

Here is the latest, knocked down from $135 to $95.  We've been hiding it in and around the boutique, referring to it as a good example of Chalk Paint™ in Emperor's Silk with Graphite and a clear wax finish.  It holds a bar fridge (honest, we kept it for the colour), is open in the back to allow for venting (the air-flow kind), and has a wine rack ('nuff said).  

As with any SOSN item, the first to claim it with their pocket book (in-store, online or over the phone) is the proud owner of this great bar cabinet, at a great price!

Want to learn how to makeover something
so it's as cute as this cabinet? 

We have two seats remaining in our Workshop this Sunday.  It is the "bring your own piece" class, which teaches you loads of stuff and is lots of fun (plus we eat yummy food!):
Click this cool logo to read about it and register!

Last but not least -- because there is too much good stuff to not mention it -- tonight is the Highland's Outdoor Farmer's Market from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM.  It is across the street, so be sure to stop in at Apple Box Boutique (we're open until 9:00 PM Thursdays!) and visit all the other fabulous shops along the street.  Last week was bustling... get down early to make away with all the  goodies before they're gone!

Should I be this excited?  It may be because I snuck in the Flamingo picture.  Nope, it's because I've had so much fun catching up with you!

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

~♥~ Leanne
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May 22, 2013

New “Dried Lavender” Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed

Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed, is not just a favourite blogger and designer, she is a favourite person in our little boutique.  Authentic, talented and just plain lovely we are so happy to be a part of her fabulous family of Milk Paint retailers.

We signed on early, prior to the products even being available, and can honestly say we were not dissappointed when they arrived.  Excellent quality, fun to work with, no priming or sanding required prior to use thanks to a powerful bonding agent (or the option of glorious chippyness!), and twelve gorgeous colours that make it hard to choose between.

Today's Big News is that the core colour options have become a 'baker's dozen' ... Miss Mustard Seed has added a stunning new colour and all of us at Apple Box Boutique are in love.  While we fawn over the new addition, we will leave it to Marian herself to fill you in:

Say hello to “Dried Lavender”

"Here is the first new color I’m introducing…

Dried Lavender
DSC_9528 (571x640)
The names of my paint colors are all inspired by things I love or use in my home, so Dried Lavender fit perfectly.  I’ve sold it out of my space at Lucketts for years…
DSC_9513 (640x424) 
…and it’s in some of my more famous pictures…
When milk paint customers and retailers started asking me for a purple, I knew immediately this is the direction I would go.  I mean, I’m not really a purple person, so a grayish, smoky purple is about as far as I can go!

Here’s the dresser before…
DSC_9000 (424x640)
…and after…

DSC_9517 (424x640)

DSC_9518 (424x640)
…of course, I left the top wood, as is my custom."

We can't wait to have this on the shelves and it won't be long --  watch for our post when it arrives!

Apple Box Boutique
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May 20, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Featuring Annie Sloan and (real) Chalk Paint™

Today is a very special Reimagined Monday.  Annie Sloan, respected decorative painter and creator of authentic Chalk Paint™, was featured on Universal Studio's "Home and  Family",  demonstrating how to use this one-of-a-kind paint and talking about all the reasons we love it too.

Grab a cup of English tea (or your bevvie of choice!) and enjoy!

Annie's book, Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture, is now available at Apple Box Boutique along with her full line of Chalk Paint™, waxes, brushes, books, aprons and more.

Want to learn more? Register or get notified of upcoming Chalk Paint™ workshops.

In the meantime, it is a holiday here in Canada, For most of us, the arrival of this day means we can start planting our vegetable and flower gardens and put the long winter behind us. For the majority of Canadians, it also means a welcome long weekend.

The real deal?  This holiday is named after Queen Victoria, the British monarch who gave royal assent to Confederation. She was born on May 24, 1819 and enjoyed the longest reign in British history, ascending the throne in 1837 and ruling until 1901 -- a period of over 62 years!

At the Apple Box studio, we also celebrate it as an extra day to paint!  

 Have a fabulous Victoria Day
Apple Box Boutique
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May 18, 2013

We are pleased to introduce: Artist, Larissa Russell

We are art lovers.  Inspired by our trip to the U.K. and the incredible galleries there, we returned with a determination to carry more works in the boutique, particularly pieces by local and/or Canadian artists.  But where to begin the search?

It didn't take long before we 'discovered' the lovely Larissa Russell, who stopped in at the boutique and shared her story: an artist and educater, Larissa has spent a couple of decades working in various mediums and related endeavors, and has found her passion in the abstract with a softness that is warm and inviting.

Visit Apple Box Boutique to view three of Larissa's original works on canvas, as well as several small-scale watercolours ready for framing and a selection of hand-painted cards.

Fallen is a an original acrylic abstract painting with silver leaf embellishments on 18" x 36" stretched canvas:  $260.00

Chaos is and original acrylic abstract painting with gold, silver, silver and copper leaf embellishments on 18 x 24" stretched canvas: $200.00

Expanse is an original abstract painting on 24 x 24" stretched canvas: $225.00

Oh, the hardship of being surrounded by such beauty!  

Apple Box Boutique
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May 16, 2013

Colour Recipes Book and the Highlands Farmers' Market

Look what just arrived!
Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture
Annie Sloan's latest book brings 40 new and inspiring step-by-step projects demonstrating the easy way to upcycle furniture and transform your home. You'll learn how to work with colour and undertake projects in lots of different styles, including French, Boho Chic, Swedish, Country and Modern Contemporary.

 You'll also learn several techniques such as distressing, colourwashing, gilding, decoupage, stencilling, dyeing fabric with paint and creating limed oak and faux marble effects.

Elle Decoration have said it is "the go-to tome for the painted home"

Don't forget we are open late Thursdays (11:30 AM - 9:00 PM) for the summer... stop in at the boutique and then stroll across the road and shop the Highlands Outdoor Farmers' Market, on tonight from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Apple Box Boutique

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May 15, 2013

Introducing Surya Rugs, Poufs, Pillows and Wall Art

Apple Box Boutique is pleased to announce our partnership with Surya.  

For over 30 years Surya has been known for its attention to detail, high quality, innovation and luxury. Their designers work to create some of the most cutting edge and versatile contemporary, modern and transitional designs for today and tomorrow. Using their expertise of the latest fashion and interior design trends, every rug in every collection has been thoughtfully balanced in its combination of color, pattern and texture.

Currently available through in-store catalog orders including quick ship options on 350 of the most popular rugs and companion accessories, we will soon offer these fantastic new products through The Apple Cart, our online shop, as well.

Visit Apple Box Boutique to view the new 2013 Surya Catalog, or tour the Surya website and call or email us to place your order. 
Apple Box Boutique

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May 13, 2013

Reimagined Monday: Kendal's Kitchen Table Save (and more!)

Today's Reimagined Monday post features a SAVE by the lovely Kendel Stinson.

After a family member watered some plants on the kitchen table, the moisture lifted and buckled the top.  We've all had things like this happen at some point and most people probably rid themselves of the piece, seeing it as a lost cause.

Not Kendel! She whipped out the belt sander to even the boards, and reached for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, taking her kitchen table from destined-for-the-dumpster to reimagined rustic.

A piece like this would cost a fortune at Restoration Hardware!

Old Ochre Chalk Paint® with Dark Wax

Besides the Old Ochre, Kendel also had Chalk Paint® in two other colours:  Primer Red and Olive, so she kept on painting!

Here is Kendel's drum table in Old Ochre with Olive Accents.  We LOVE it!

A retro table is given a facelift with Old Ochre and gorgeous Olive to accentuate the 'carved' details:

Antique smoking cabinets are a hot item, and Kendel updated hers to work in her modern living room.

Chalk Paint® in Primer Red

Even over laquer and faux-wood veneers, no priming or sanding is required with Chalk Paint®, saving time, money and energy for summer fun.

Thanks for sharing your fabulous projects with us, Kendel!

What have YOU Reimagined?
Send in your project pics and be entered to win our Reimagined Monday draw!

Reimagined Monday Draw
We would like to highlight more customer projects!  Send us your before/during/after pictures and tell us about your creative process and you'll be entered into our monthly Reimagined Monday draw.

Each month we will give away a different item like paint, brushes, books, supplies, gift certificates and more. You don't have to be featured to be eligible... the month you enter is the month you will be included in the draw. 

Send your name, pictures and story to:
Apple Box Boutique

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May 10, 2013

SALE + For Mother's Day, We've Gone to the Birds!

We have plenty of lovely new items perfect for Mom, including these sweet little birds (and more)...
Metal square pot with bird lid
Pretty little medal birds on a branch
French country birdfeeder
French country birdhouse
Pretty, shabby chic/cottage chic bird decor (lg)
Teacup birdhouse
Bird on books decor
Bird coasters
Decorative birds
Birds on burlap print

Check out our Facebook album Spring Decor for more.

PLUS today and tomorrow:
  • 10% off all wall decor, indoor clocks and decorative hooks
  • 10% off all Bath & Body products
  • 10% off Milk Paint & Sundries by Miss Mustard Seed
  • 10% off Milk Paint & Sundries by Homestead House
  • 15% off one-of-a-kind painted furniture
Don't miss our May Colour of the Month!

Imagine the possibilities...

Apple Box Boutique
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