April 13, 2012

Project Personality: Coats of Paint

Project Personality
with Apple Box Boutique founder Leanne Playter Korsos

Hello!  Last week, On The Apple Box introduced me to all of you and I am excited about my first post for Project Personality.

Today is more of a rambling than a how-to (though there are plenty of those to come), but I just can't help myself.  I LOVE colour and fashion, and with all the blue skies, sunshine and occasional April showers we have been having it finally feels like spring and everyone is out in their new frocks.  When it comes to painting that's all it takes for me to start "dreaming in colour".  This week, the inspiration was spring coats!
Whenever I fall for something I start to create design boards that encompass the item, the colour or even just the 'feel' of it.  That's what happened over the last few days and I wanted to share my obsessiveness enthusiasm with you.  The idea was to take the gorgeous outerwear I've been seeing and build around it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  It's been a lot of fun looking through Apple Box Boutique's inventory of unfinished pieces and envisioning what could be!

I've been liking blue lately (probably due to the big skies of Alberta) and this coat tipped the scales to true love:

I've already selected a cute little foyer table that is destined to be this colour and I've decided on Provence.

Mixed with other ASCP paints there are SO many lovely shades, but I will go with 1 part Provence and 3 parts Old White:

If I ever find a stunning dressing table like this one from Mak and Jill, it will absolutely be my go-to colour!

This scrumptious confection is something  a modern day Marie Antoinette might wear, and of course I love all things "MA":

Emperor's Silk is referred to as "the perfect front door red", so it is suprising that it mixes to such a lovely candy-coloured pink.

With a little dark wax, it can look like this:

But add 3 parts Old White and I have just the right colour for my 'girl's room' dresser!

Stiltkskin Studios found the perfect piece to dress up with it.  This could have fit easily into MA's boudoir and they posted it on my birthday... How did they know?

Spring evenings always remind me of Vincent van Gogh paintings, and those incredible deep-blue night skys.  My next wardrobe addition will definitely be something like this:

No mixing required here!  Napoleonic Blue is a limited edition paint from Annie Sloan, but I hope it becomes a permanent part of the colour collection.

Especially when it makes a fairly ordinary dresser look like this:

Another bright (and versatile) shade that you generally see a lot of in fall is making an appearance and a statement this spring:

This is the signature colour associated to Van Gogh's muse, the city of Arles.

Appropriately, it is also the name given to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that has changed my mind on yellow.  I wasn't a huge fan until I saw this:

... and now I just can't get enough of it!  I've just finished painting a cabinet with Arles and it has become a coveted piece at Apple Box Boutique:

 But the really hot colour right now seems to be bright green:

Because of that, Antibes Green is flying off the shelves!

It doesn't hurt that layered with Aubusson Blue, it is reminiscent of colourful peacocks and the current decorating trend that borrows from their plumage.

Robyn Story Designs (for Michelle) + Oliveira Textiles = Lazi Daze Photography

Isn't this pretty?

I have a million more images from my boards to share (okay... maybe just hundreds) but sensory overload is a real condition and I wouldn't want to be the cause!

I love that you stopped in to spend some time with me (thank you!) and am looking forward to future Project Personality articles...  In the meantime, I'd be interested to know:

What is your current project and what inspired you?

My thanks to Ciruelo Interiors for the colour cards!


  1. Hmm, can ASCP paint be used on my front door? I've been meaning to paint our front door for the last 4 years.

  2. Hi Sandy! Yes, you can use ASCP on exterior surfaces... In fact, Annie Sloan painted the outside of her shop in Oxford with it! We are finishing exterior renos this summer and if a new door isn't in the works, I'll be painting ours with ASCP, too.

  3. Ok, now you've got me excited. I'm going to try and bring my hubby in for May's Late Night on the Ave to have a look at colors. He's pushing for the old ING orange...

    1. There is always Barcelona Orange! :) Perhaps once he sees the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sample board, he'll have even more ideas!

  4. Oh this is just a gorgeous post!! I love the pairing of the coats with the paints~brilliant!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I love your blog and check in frequently. Wish I could have learned gilding with you! :)

  5. I love all of the ASCP colors! What a fun post!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Lori! I just visited your website and am in love with your offerings...Beautiful!

  6. Okay, WHERE did that pink coat come from ?? AAARRRGGHH! LOVE this whole post. Love love love.

    1. I'm happy you like the post! I love the coats, too. I saw some that were similar on the ModCloth and Ruche websites... Happy hunting! ~Leanne


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